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    Erfin Hadiwaluyono, SE., S.Sos., MA., BKP., CFP., CBC. Managing Director

    Sjafardamsah, S.S.T., S.E., M.M., Ak., C.A., CPMA, BKP Partner

    Ira Febriana Sari, SE., M.Acc., BKP Partner

    Pirsah Sahrina, S.Sos, BKP Partner

    Siti Aisah, S.Sos BKP Partner

    Melan Sinaga, S.E., Ak., M.Ak., CPA, ACPA Partner

    Caesar Subari BSc (Hons) Konsultan

    Hardiman M D Situmorang S.E Konsultan

    Octira Sari Faulinza, S.E Konsultan

    Deanne Terry Christ Herdita, S.H. Konsultan

    Dyah Puspita Sari Konsultan

    Annisa Irianti Dwiandari, S.I.A. Konsultan

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    Our mission

    In 1990, ConsultingWP combined with Inception Analysis, Incorporated to strengthen its expertise in energy matters and opened its first office in Cupertino. Since then, the company has expanded throughout the United States and Europe to more than 300 people.

    We know our clients’ brands inside and out to create bespoke campaigns that bring the brand story to life, engage with consumers and inspire the media.

    • Work fewer hours & make money
    • Phenomenal success in our target
    • Retain, high-paying customers

    • You’ll get more done in less time
    • Leadership skills to manage team
    • Generating millions of dollars

    Our experience

    Financial Services 87%
    Business Services 75%
    Consumer Products 63%
    Energy and Environment 50%
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